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Apa itu malware?

zero Wednesday, March 16, 2011
what is malware???

malware is a malicious software,which is desingn specfically to damage ur sytem or interuptthe normal
computing enviroment.A trojan horse,worm,virus or spyware could be clasified as malware.some advertisting software can be malicious
by trying to re-installitself after u moved it.a binary is conssidered as malware on the basic certain featuters

virus: a computer virus is a computer program thatcan copy itself and infect a computer witout permision or knowlage of the user.a virus can
only spread from one computer to other computer when it host is taken to be uninfected computer,for instance by a user sending it over a network or internet ,or by
cariying it on removable medium such as a floppy disk,cd,or usb drive

worm:a computer worm is a self replicating computer use a network to send copies of itself to other nodes (computer terminal on the network) a nd it may do
so without user intervention.unlike virus,it does not need to attach itself to an existing program

trojan horse:a piece of software which appears to perfom a certain action but n in fact perfoms programs another such as a computer virus.trojan
horse a notorious for their use in yhe installation of backdoor program in the sytem that can be exploited by the author of such program.these sytem now become zombie and they can be completly control by

spyware: a computer software that is installed surreptitious on a personal computer to intercept or take partial control
over the user's interaction with the computer,without the user's information,consent.spyware suggests software that secretly monitor the user behavior,collect various type of personal information,interface user
control of the computer in other way such as installing additional software,redirectly web browser activity,accessing website blindly that will cause more harmfull virus,or diverting advertising revenue to a third pary .

virus symptoms

->unsual message or displayed on ur monitor
->sytem shutting down or logging off suddenly
->a disk or volume name has been changed or inaccessible
->unknown program suddenly inaccesible (eg.exe.vbsextension)
->unknown program or file crated
->sudden increase in network activity

trojan symptom
-> ur computer screen flips upside down
->your wall papaer ar background setting changged themself
->window colour change it self
->screen server saver setting chenagged by them self
->ur mouse become crazy
->windown button disaper
->ur window shut down by it self

spyware sympthom
-> on the oldest and most common spyware trick is to automatically change ur web
browser's default or start up home page-the page that first paper when u star
your browser or click on the "home" button
->you end up in a strange site
->ur firewall or antivirus turn off automatically
-> unable to stop popup
->redirected to error page
->get alert from firewall unknown program trying to access internet and some more

jika saya salah maafkan saya and sorry my english broken leg


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